Friday, July 31, 2009

Goodbye to Europe....

Thanks to all of you - family and friends - for sharing this exciting journey with us. What a journey it has been with many laughs, enjoyable moments and memories for a lifetime.

We've met so many wonderful people from every country and every walk of life. For the most part - everyone is like us - friendly (but they don't all have southern accents) and inquisitive.

We've ridden every type of train imaginable, been on boats and cable cars - almost run over by cars and bicycles and have been yelled at in Rome (at least, Sarah was).

How very thankful we are that we've been priviledged to have this experience - but most of all, we now know what a priviledge it is to live in the USA. In all our travels, we've yet to find a place that we'd rather be .....than home.

Again, thanks for coming along with us.....see you in America!!!